BHD had many good friends-since he is hard not to like. However, only certain homies are included within his videos and streams. In the past, the homies have appeared on some of his content, even though it seems that most of his YouTube content features only himself.

Notable (EX and Current) homies include:

-Dr J & The Women (CURRENT HOMIE) - Randy moved away from the area in which BHD was living, which not only essentially terminated their friendship, however in November 2019, they reunited and continued to make reaction videos.

-Dr.Girlfriend AKA Dr. Ex or Doctor Realness (EX-GIRLFRIEND) - She & Him Broken up. BHD cheated on her the last 3 years of their 4 or 5 year relationship.

-KT-TV - (CURRENT HOMIE) BHD and his brother has patched up the little discrepancy between them and have been doing a lot of videos together lately on KT's channel. Every once and a while, they react to videos together on either one of their channels.

-ChavezzSlovakia (EX-HOMIE) - Had a falling out with BHD, to the point where they are now enemies. BHD claimed skitten tried to sleep with him, which was false. Chavez got upset and they almost fought, Dr. J stopped them. Also, BHD claimed Chavezz stole money from him, which was false as well and in fact it was just the money he paid him for editing videos.

-Brandi P (EX-HOMIE) - Falling Out.

-Lol Alex (HOMIE STATUS UNKOWN) - They may have dated briefly but otherwise Unknown.

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